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Update (Dec. 16, 2020).

Unfortunately, we are no longer taking orders, and the business has ceased operation for the time being. We are currently communicating with those customers with ongoing or undelivered orders only; if you are one of these, and we don't get in touch with you over the next couple of days, please reach out directly to our regular email address.

Thanks for your understanding.

Real Border pipes, hand made by a craftsman with over 30 years experience, and a reputation for making top quality instruments.

You have a choice.

We do not mass produce our pipes to one design. You can chose different main woods, and also different woods for mounts, end caps and ferrules. We offer two different styles of bellows. Pipes are available with or without a drone switch. There is a choice of bag covers.

You can read through the various topics, and see the other information such as prices and contact details, under the tabs above.

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