Bags and Covers

Our bags are made of top quality hide, we use a heavy leather that gives a substantial feel to the bag.  it is more expensive but quality is important in all parts of the pipes, nowhere more so than the bags. They are hand stitched by us. They have a generous capacity, smaller bags are only suitable for pipes like Northumbrian pipes which take a small amount of air. Bags only available in black/dark grey at the moment.


Bag Covers

We supply a choice of navy blue, dark green, burgundy and black velvet covers as standard with our pipes. Other colours may be available. If you want a tartan and can supply the material we are happy to have a cover made up to your requirements.

A number of our customers have removed the velvet cover from their pipes, possibly because they appreciate the feel of the suade on the hide bags we use. Pictures of the bag covers will be coming in a few weeks.

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