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We are currently taking orders for Border pipes, specialist border pipes, and Scottish Small Pipes in A. Please contact me if you want to order, or are in need of a repair for pipes previously purchased directly from me. 




Phone: I am not always available to take phone calls. This may be the case for some time. Calling my local mobile numbers in Thailand, India, or any of the other places I may be is expensive. IF you know I am at home, and/or have made prior arrangement to call me, my land line is 01875 321255. It is best to ring between 10.00am and 2.00pm any day.

Post(only by prearrangement):

Nigel Richard 

Garvie Bagpipes

163 Main St



EH37 5SQ


Alternative Suppliers

Stirling Bagpipes: 01786 448886 

Pipe Dreams: 0141 248 5558

Repairs and overhauls: I am still doing overhauls and repairs, however you can contact Alan Waldron of Stirling Bagpipes for these, at times when I am not available.

Smallpipe reeds: I am still supplying smallpipe reeds for SSP in A. If I am not available there are some other makers who do supply these reeds. In the first instance contact Stirling Bagpipes. The exception to this is specialist chanter reeds for our louder “Session smallpipes”, which no one else makes.

Pipe reeds: Replacement or spare  pipe  drone reeds can be purchased direct from Pipe Dreams. They are no longer supplying replacement border pipe reeds at the moment. These can be purchased from me directly when I am here. 

Bellows, Ian MacLeod has been making excellent traditional hand stitched bellows for us, for many years. These are now available direct from him.  Contact email is

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