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About Us

Individual bagpipes with a great reputation made by craftsmen with many years of experience.

Leading Scottish makers of Border pipes and Scottish Smallpipes, Garvie Bagpipes have built up an enviable reputation over the years.

Working for Garvie Bagpipes:-

Nigel Richard Trained in musical instrument repair at Stevenson College from 1985 to 1987, and started making bagpipes in 1987.I am not making as many pipes as I made in the past, I mainly work on my own now with a bit of help when needed. I need to take care of my old back, and not overdo it!  However I still make some 20 to 30 a year. There are already over 1000 out there with satisfied customers. 

Iain MacLeod, has been with Garvie Bagpipes for over 10 years. He continues to work with us from time to time and he has also set up his own business making high quality bellows and bags. Iain is a skilled craftsman and I highly recommend his work. He can be contacted by email at

Formerly with Garvie Bagpipes:-  Alan Waldron who had been with us for many years established his own business quite a few years ago mainly focussing on GHB and repairs at his new shop in Stirling  -  Alan is also skilled craftsman, and we are very happy that he has made a great success of his own business.

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