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Included here is a selection of sound clips to demonstrate our pipes being played.

1: Slow Air - Border pipes played by Simon Mckerrell.

2. Lumsden's Rant from Back of the Moon CD "Luminosity" featuring Ali Hutton on border pipes.

3. Sunset on Rishikesh from Thomas Zoeller CD "Homebound Concerts" - Thomas plays our modal smallpipe chanter.

4. Border pipe duo Finlay MacDonald and Simon McKerrell.

5. Jim McGillivray plays "Jimmy's tune" by Chris Armstrong on Smallpipes in D

6. Fraser Fifield plays our Scottish smallpipes in A.

7. Charlie Mackerron's great tune "Bulgarian Red" played on border pipes by Finlay MacDonald with his band.

8. Chromatic potential of our border/session pipes illustrated by Nigel Richard on session pipes.

9. Annie Grace plays J.D. Forbes of Carse on Low D Whistle.

10. Part of pibroch section from Simon Thoumire's Garvie Bagpipe Concerto played on border pipes by Simon McKerrel.

11. Gordan Duncan's arrangement of AC/DC tune Thunderstruck played by Ross Ainslie on border pipes with Gyan Singh on tablas.

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