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Low Whistle

We are no longer taking orders for these whistles. We have shared our design with a pipe maker in Galicia. A link to his site will be added soon.

Our wooden low D whistles feature a beautiful warm tone, and excellent intonation. Our whistle design differs in some aspects from other wooden whistles we know of, particularly in the wide reverse conical bore. Like our pipes this is an individually made rather than mass produced instrument, the head is hand carved both internally and externally. The wind channel is secured against the effects that moisture would otherwise have on the hardwood, with a plastic plug on the bottom and a plastic lining inside the hardwood top. 

Our whistle has been tried by a number of leading pipers and other traditional musicians in Scotland, and elsewhere and the warmth of tone and accurate tuning have been particularly  appreciated.We do not feel that this instrument is in direct competition with the metal low whistles,  it offers a different quality of sound and consequently gives the player who has both more versatility. It has reasonable volume but less attack, the tone is well defined, but more mellow. It is responsive and clear in the upper part of the second octave whereas many metal low whistles have to be pushed hard here to get the notes in tune. 




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